JMK...5 for CC please...Easter photos

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JMK...5 for CC please...Easter photos

It is soooo hard to get Christopher to take pictures and look at me! I took him to take some in his Easter outfit today since we are going to be so busy on Sunday. What do you think? All shot with my 50mm lens. It was sunny out so I am not sure why I didn't get any good catch lights in his eyes.

1. My favorite out of all of the ones I took. Should I crop the bird bath out of the back? is it distracting?
f5.6 1/400 sec ISO-200

2. f1.8 1/1250 sec ISO-100

3.f2.8 1/200sec ISO-400 I wish I wouldn't have cut off one of his arms out of this pic.

4.f2.8 1/3200sec ISO-400

5. f2.5 1/200sec ISO-100

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You got some good catchlights in #3, which stands to reason, you've got the best lighting circumstance in that shade. The others, he is slightly backlit which means that he's not getting any light in his eyes, just shadow.

I don't see any really harsh shadows or super bright highlights (except #4), was it a partly cloudy day? If it was, when the clouds were there to help the light, I would have turned him slightly more towards the light source so that he could get a little more light on his face. If it was full sun, backlighting him was the correct choice. You should be able to add a bit more light in post processing. If you're backlighting your subject and want catchlights, you have to have something large and bright in front of a big white building, or a swimming pool for example. If you don't have anything kicking off a bright reflection at your subject, the easiest way to get some good catchlights on a backlight subject is to get above them a little so that the bright sky reflects in their eyes.

Were these shot in aperture priority mode? I'd stay away from a priority mode when shooting in this type of lighting. Most likely, the camera is exposing for the background and not your subject, which would explain why in image 4, when it it looks like the sun came out brighter, your subject is more underexposed. Also, you have really wonky settings there. You really don't need iso 400 if your shutter speed is that high.

I don't find the birdbath at all distracting.

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I think #2 is a sweet capture and the lighting in #3 is nice. Dark eyes are harder for getting nice catchlights IMHO, but open shade will make all th difference!

Someone shared this link with me when I first started on this board and the information has been invaluable. I hope it helps!

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1) my fav too! I don't think the bird bath is too distracting either! He's so cute. It's sad b/c I didn't even get pics of my kids in their Easter outfits! :rolleyes:
2) the coloring is off here. He looks more washed out. Should be easily fixed though! That face is priceless!
3) great catch lights. I too wish the arm was there, but it's okay! Wink I like your set up here!
4) Eyes are a bit dark. I struggle with the same thing here. Chopped fingers, but nice bokeh!
5) CUTE!

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He is such a cutie! My faves are actually #2 and #3. You have got great bokeh going on in these! I need to get that lens. Smile