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CC always welcome. Although I don't think I would change a thing about it. Wink When I saw it downloading I just about died, it fits my DS to a T.

30mm, 1/60 (the one thing I probably should have changed but couldn't quick enough), 1.4, ISO 100


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Adorable! It looks a little hot on the shoulders. Maybe you could fix up some of the blown spots in acr, so they are not distracting at all. I would burn the edges on this a tad too (maybe thats just me tho). Great shot!! Jackson is so cute!

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Thanks Lauren! I will definitely double check in LR about the blown spots! I already recovered a whole bunch, really I should have had my s/s a bit higher. I actually did try burning the edges a bit, I usually do, but when I tried with this one it seemed to take away from the golden-ness of it.

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Kristen, I LOVE this! Jackson is adorable. I agree it is a little hot. I use CS5 mostly for editing. Is there an adjustment brush in LR? I would just use the brush to lower the exposure just on the hot areas. I love his cheeky face, the lead in line and the yummy bokeh.

I wish it was warm enough here for topless toddler shots Sad

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I think it's perfect. Sure, there might be some hot spots, but that cute face, it doesn't matter! Biggrin You caught a great moment!

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that is adorable.. and what a neat looking ride-on

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Really cute! I love the path, too.

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You nailed that 1.4!! Yeah, there's slight motion blur on his foot, but who cares. That's an adorable shot!!! I love the lighting.

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That is great! I love his expression. Very cool ride on and walkway!

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PERFECT! I love the sunkissed look here! He's getting SO BIG (and still SO adorable)!