JMK but CC really appreciated

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JMK but CC really appreciated

Hi, I am really trying to get out of this plateau I'm in. Could you please CC this photo of my kids. Feel free to be harsh, I need it.

(P.S. You may recognise the children, I've had a name change due to outside issue which is also why I will have to take their photo back down in a week or so)

All feedback appreciated!

FL: 53mm, SS 1/250, Ap 7.1, ISO 500, Used speedlite ETTL


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I was trying to figure out who you were! Were you previously R___G___? Sorry for your personal issues causing you to have the name change/having to take their pics down. Sad

I can see lots of improvement in this picture and I think it is adorable! Love dd's expression, little hands and her CURLS and great contact from your little guy!

For CC ... color wise, seems cool and maybe a little underexposed but I bet you could "fix" both of those things! And because I feel like the queen of finger chops, I notice little guy's fingers are gone. Smile

Very cute though. Wish I had one of my girls that looked this good!

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I agree with Candace's CC - a real improvement and an adorable shot! Yes, perhaps a bit underexposed and cool, but easily fixed. I LOVE your daughter's curls!

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I think a bit of tweaking in the PP department could really help this one. Maybe warm it up and up the exposure a little. There may be a bit of green in it as well? I could be way off on that since I'm not calibrated. As far as what to do next time, I'd back up some. I have a hard time giving myself enough space, too, so I know how that goes.

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Good cc already; I'd clone out the red scars (?) unless they're not scars (i.e. birthmarks or something), but this is adorable!!! I love their expressions---perfectly representing the moment! Smile

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Great CC already. I would ask why you used such a closed f-stop. Bring that aperture down just a bit more (if you're able with your lens). That would have given you more light in the image without costing you a lower SS (causing motion blur) or raising your ISO (causing noise).

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Yes Candace, that's me.

Thank you ladies. I'll play with it this weekend to warm up and up exposure and see how that looks. Jennifer, I closed the ap down as in the first few I shot she was in focus but wasn't so much. If I opened it up but then moved back would that help with light and still keep them both in focus?

Amy, they are scars from bites and I will definitely clone them out. I am so used to seeing them I don't notice them until they are pointed out.

Thank you for saying I have improved too. I feel like I'm stuck and keep having the same issues.

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I just noticed your last question wasn't answered, but yes, if you open up the ap and move back, it would help with both the light and keeping them in focus. The further away you are from your subject, the more open you can go... and that would be good in this scenario, as you don't have much space around them (I sooooo often go in too tight on my subjects, so I understand!), and being a bit further back would help the shot anyway.

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Wanted to add, how cute your kids are. I can't give anymore CC - you have got great ones already!

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No CC for now, on my laptop just wanted to say that is a very sweet picture.