JMK, CC welcome

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JMK, CC welcome

Here are a couple of my almost year old. CC welcome.

1. ISO 500, SS 1/100, f2.8

2. ISO 500, f3.2, SS 1/125

3. B&W

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I like your B&W! Smile i think the vignette works with that. I think it's too strong on the colored image though but that's just personal preference I think though. You meant almost 3 year old right? Not almost year old Wink In the first one his right eye (our left) is looking a bit soft. The other one looks ok though. Smile

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1. I think his right (our left) eye is oof on this one. His smile is contagious though!

2. I like this shot, just too much vignette for me though.

3. I like this B&W!

He's so handsome!

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I actually like #2 the best! I like the earthy colors and effect.