JMK (he cooperated!)

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JMK (he cooperated!)

I was able to bribe Logan into a VERY short shoot yesterday afternoon (I'll take whatever I can get w/ him!!!).

It was overcast so I was hoping to get a few shots w/out him squinting. I had to really work w/ him to get his eyes open though, so I guess it wasn't overcast enough. Wink

I had 2 that I liked and decided to play with.

Here's the first, socc:

ap=f/2.5 ss=1/500 iso=200

I know the sky is totally blown (though to be honest, that's pretty much what it looked like to the naked eye too :p). ANYWAY ... I still loved the photo b/c of his expression. So I played around w/ processing and tried a couple of Pioneer Woman's actions and got this in the end.

The only one I liked where he was kinda smiling was this one (socc):

ap=f/2.5 ss=1/500 iso=200

It's a tad under exposed ... I could have/should have dropped the ss a bit, but he only promised me 10 photos so I was rushing a bit. He also seems to have a bit of a yellow cast to him. I still like the shot, but I know it could have been better.

anyway ...I had a quick play with this one too ... another one of PW's actions plus a slight vignette.

Please feel free to have a play if you want on these. I'd love to see what others would do.


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YAY for a cooperating subject! Biggrin

These are some great shots GiGi!

1) LOVE his expression. Yes, the sky is blown, but sometimes it's hard not to. The action you did is great too. Love the look he has going here. So grown up!
2) yes, he is a TAD bit yellow, but not much. I LOVE the action you did on this one. I like the action here better than on the first one.

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What lovely shots!

I really like the action on the 1st shot and have a similar type of action on a pic of my ds3.

I like the natural frame of the second shot and like the action too, but find the leaves sticking out really distracting.

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I'm so glad he cooperated! I wish the sky was slightly less blown on the first one. Wink But I think the PP you did on both looks neat! I really love the first one, but I feel like it needs a different crop. I either want to see his missing hand or less of the exposed skin (does that make sense?) I see the yellow cast on the second (very familiar after editing Andrew's set!) - just pull some yellow out and it will look even better.

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Here's my B&W...
think i oversharpened

take1-vi edit