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JMK one for CC

We were at Napa on Friday visited Castello di Amorosa. I was able to get my kid to sit still, but he kept making faces, sigh. Here is one of him for CC. All natural light.

SS 1/200, f2.8, ISO 400 used my 16-35mm lens

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I'm not good at CC yet, but I really like this - he seems full of personality and this captures that. I also love the repetition of the chairs.

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It's fabulous. I love the comp and totally makes it look much more fab than a snap. I'm sure it perfectly describes his day, sitting impatiently, while grownups taste and listen, lol.

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love it! Smile i agree with what the others said. I think it totally shows his personality Biggrin

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I love it. Color, clarity, and light is fantastic. His expression is priceless too.

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what a little character he is Biggrin i love this!!

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I like it a lot too. He really stands out, and the comp and colours are great. Cute expression too.

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This is a great shot! I like the lead in lines with the chair, the light is lovely and his face is priceless!

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LOVING the expression here! Great spot too! I don't think it looks like a snap!

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LOVE THIS! Its shows off his personality and is perfectly sound as a photo (exposure, focus, etc all look great)! Not every image has to be perfectly posed. I love how his own personality came through here, right down to the alien in his hands. Smile

BEAUTIFUL LOCATION! I could see how it would really work for engagement shots. Maybe even maternity. Smile