JMK, a panda and some OCF practice

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JMK, a panda and some OCF practice

The winter's coming and clocks go back soon...time to practice some OCF Smile I dont know how many here are able to help but i thougth i'd post anyway. I practiced last night, dinner hour, 'bout 6pm. It wasn't completly dark outside but with the rainy clouds it was dark enough in my place.

This took alot of bribing and begging with the promise of treats in the end if he sat for me Smile I also didnt realize that in the camera data it would say that the flash didn't fire so i'm trying to remember off the top what the flash power was for the images. Next time i will write it down. Also how does the red look? It's fleece and i wanted to use it for some holiday shots this year.

I started at f/5.6 and went down to 3.2, then played with flash power
ISO 100, SOOCs, only sharpened and resize for web.

1. full power--forgot to adjust Lol
f/5.6 1/125 and the flash itself i think was too close...

2. 1/64power, f/3.2, 1/160...obviously underexposed. Can't believe he looked at me though Smile

3. f3.2, 1/160

4.1/16 power--i think this is the best result here? f/3.5, 1/160

5. 1/8 i think, settings same as #4 seems too bright

7. f/4 1/160--I thought this was a good one but the shadowing on the right of the subject doesn't seem ideal?

6. pull back of my set up. Is it ideal? Should i move somthing? everything? It' s not a very big space. (Looking at this I understand now the shutter speed controlling ambient light relationship )

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I am just trying to get to grips with lighting as well, so good for you for practicing! From your pullback shot, I would say you need to move the light closer to the subject to get bigger catchlights. I would also say that the reflector is in the wrong place, you can see in the shot above the pull back that it is throwing light back onto his ear the angle is righr but it should be in front & to the side of the subject. I found the diagram on ILP useful to know where to place things

He's a cutie and I like the red fleece

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This is really helpful in showing the basics of lighting! I'm enjoying seeing the different results. I would agree that the reflector back there doesn't seem to be adding much to the lighting.

Kerry, if you move the OCF closer to the subject, you'd have to reduce the power even more, right? but you'd still get bigger catchlights?

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Thanks Kerry, that link is helpful and I'm going to try again with that set up tonight.
Do you use a light meter or just do test shots til you get the correct exposer?

My question is the same as Amy's re moving closer and lowering flash power...

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I know you've already posted a second thread, I just wanted to say that I think #7 is so adorable! glad he let you practice. Smile

Off to read that ILP link, as I need to practice my set up too.