JMK pics with several questions

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JMK pics with several questions

Here's my answer to my own question about how to shoot toddlers, LOL... Asleep. Wink

Anyway, I just took these yesterday and since I mentioned that white balance is difficult for me, I wanted to see which WB you guys think is more correct, or neither? Also, it was pretty dark, so I used ISO 1600 as opposed to shooting wide open... Do you think 1600 is too high? I always tried not to go that high, but I'm not sure...?

All shot with my 50mm lens.

ISO 1600, f/3.5, 1/125 sec - WB set to "White fluorescent" setting

ISO 1600, f/3.5, 1/100 sec - WB set to Auto

So are either of these WB's close? I feel like the auto might be too yellow, but the WF might be too blue?

Also, I'm curious what lens(es) you guys like for when you're close to your subject. Many of these, I felt like I had to chop limbs I didn't want to chop because they were laying on my couch and so I couldn't get too far above them or away from them.

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I think the fluorescent is probably a closer match than the auto wb. It does look too blue to me, but just a touch. And as I am at work, I'm not calibrated or anything.

I think you got a really nice shot here. And for iso 1600, there is not a lot of grain. You could probably run noiseware if you are worried about any grain.

As for what lens, I vary depending on my subject - regardless of how close I am. I know a lot of folks really love using a good 35mm prime for small spaces inside though.


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I was thinking the auto looked better--the first looks blue with a LOT of magenta to it. I think the second just looks off b/c it's underexposed. I think if you brightened it and added a touch more contrast it would look a lot better.

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1 is too magenta. the other is too yellow.

I always have my WB set to cloudy. Seems to work best for me.

however love the sleepy moment you captured Biggrin

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I thought the auto WB was a bit better too. I often scroll through my WB options and just compare with what I see with the naked eye, as to what's closer. Having said that, I'm not great at WB, so I'm no expert!!

Doesn't look like too much noise at ISO 1600, so if you can shoot at that ISO in the dimmer light without getting noise, I'd say go for it. As GiGi says, you can always run it through noiseware. My P&S gets a terrible amount of noise even at ISO 400, so I use noiseware often and it's great.

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What a sweet capture!

I like the auto white as well, and agree that the exposure is a little off and it would look great brightened up a little. As for lens, my tameron 28-75 never leaves my camera....

Interesting to hear that cloudy works for you cazz!

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Great pic, Mary!!

I agree with a PP about always setting my WB to cloudy (unless I'm in bright, crazy outdoor sunlight)!! It gives you "warmer" images, which is really easy to scale back if it's TOO warm. That being said, I'm heavy handed with the warm colors, so maybe I shouldn't do that. Lol Although I think warmer colors on kids looks better than the fake plastic white colors. But that is totally my personal preference.

I think the auto looks much better!

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So sweet! I like the auto WB as well. I, too, tend to lean towards the warmer images. Sometimes I tend to overdo it Wink

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"JDBabyHopes" wrote:

I agree with a PP about always setting my WB to cloudy (unless I'm in bright, crazy outdoor sunlight)!! It gives you "warmer" images, which is really easy to scale back if it's TOO warm.

Interestingly, although I think he was referring more to landscape shots, the author of Understanding Exposure said that he uses "cloudy" as his WB setting most of the time, because of the warmth it gives. Today I took most of my flower shots with a cloudy WB though it was brilliantly sunny, and actually loved the results. Warmth is great! Of course, with people, it can be overdone, but I prefer overly warm to overly cool, for sure.

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Yep, Tracy, I thought I remembered reading the cloudy WB in UE!! I did a ton of research on photographing newborns before I took pics for my friend last month, and on several newborn photographer "how to" blogs, they all recommended the cloudy WB setting for that warm, pinky newborn skin. So that's where my WB usually stays, now!! But that's because my pasty white child will turn out cool in the harshest, brightest of sunlight, too. Lol

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It's funny, because before even reading the book, I would try different WB settings on my camera to find the best one for my back yard, and found that the Cloudy one was the best. I always kept it there. Then, just about a week ago, when I got UE, I read that he recommends that. Thought that was interesting!

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I think in that picture the WB set to White fluorescent was the better of the two, I do agree it is a little blue but that could be touched up in some software. Beautiful capture.