JMK & a senior girl....CC please!!

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JMK & a senior girl....CC please!!

Been working on some more pics. Hoping these are a bit better.....hoping...

1. f/3.2, ISO- 400, 1/160

2. f/3.5, ISO- 640, 1/320

3. f/3.5, ISO-640, 1/320

4. f/3.5, ISO-640, 1/320

5.f/3.2, ISO-640, 1/500

6. f/3.2, ISO- 400, 1/200

7. I swore I fixed the freckle on the tip of her nose..
f/2.5, ISO-400, 1/320

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Great shots! I think that your color looks the best in #3. I'd just take out a little contrast in that one. My favorite is #4!! I'd warm the color version up just a smidge. But I just love everything about that one. If it were me, I'd print this one up big Smile

The ones of the senior girl, are cooler than the rest. Warm those up, and I think they'll be perfect!

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Thank you Steph! I will warm up the senior ones. For some reason, I thought they were warm, but I will recheck them.

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Great set!!!

#1 she does look cool, and her toes are chopped. But I like this one. I think the fallen leaves might have caught the focus though? not sure. I am also drawn to that light spot on her skirt, what is that? I remember it from her other pics too and wasn't sure if it was part of the skirt or a light patch.

#2 so sweet and nice, not much catchlights but what a great photo anyway.

I LOVE #3! What a model! she looks so serious.

I think #4 is my fave too! LOVE! I think the color version is already warm enough...and I prefer the color because of her lovely skintone and soft brown hair....and the great coat color of course too.

#5 bit of a halo around him especially at his left arm (camera right) and hand.

#6 looks great!

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You are doing GREAT, Sadie! I always love to see a new set of yours!

1. the foot chop is unfortunate. The skin on her leg looks slightly blown (but I am at work so take that w/ a grain of salt). Love the leading line of the fence. This has a great fall feel!

2. I truly love this one! Ruthie's eyes look a little darkhere, but the rest is just amazing! Great color and focus. And both kids are looking (& smiling) RIGHT AT YOU!

3. great 'tude! Focus and color look great.

4. this is my favorite from this set! I love the missing tooth in her smile and she just looks so happy! Color looks wonderful (no cast at all from her jacket!) What a truly lovely fall photo! The conversion is really nice too. Did you use an action?

5. again, I am so impressed that there is no cast from his jacket (not that I can tell here at work). Great shot!

6. color and focus look really nice here, but I am not a fan of straight on shots of women. I would have her take a step back with one foot so that you are shooting at more of an angle toward her shoulders (not sure if that makes sense but I am just not finding the words).

7. I like this one (freckle and all)! It looks a touch cool though. She may be naturally this pale, but with the warmth of her hair color, her skin looks too cool to me.

TFS Sadie! You are really rockin' these fall shoots!