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JMK share

I just have to share this, because I know it's flawed and all (bright line across the top), but it is sooooo Micah. The hands by the chin, the tilt of the head, the little smile... it's just him. (And also the fact that he would NOT sit down in the grass because it was damp. Nora could not care less about wet grass or dirt, she's always grubby; but Micah is so fastidious!) I cannot express to you how I adore this child.

Micah at the Park

On a bit of a tangent, but I have been so emotional about my kids this week, after learning of the death of a four-week-old baby in our house church network. Micah is full of little tantrums and self-pity moments and all sorts of difficulties right now, but he is such a blessing, and I cannot but cherish every single moment with my children. We don't know how long God has 'loaned' them to us for, but every day, even with its trials, is truly a blessing.

And today Nora's teacher told me how she's such a "little girl" yet, after asking about a play date that Nora had with one of the other girls who is much older for her age; and I couldn't help feeling choked up about that too. I mean, what a blessing it is to have a sweet little innocent girl for as long as possible. And she's SUCH a monkey, so full of craziness, so chatty and silly and delightful... and yes, so young and little and innocent and beautiful. (Even if she never does want her picture taken!)

Hug your kids tight tonight. They are amazing gifts.

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This is such a cute picture of Micah - you can tell that he has such a personality on him. Thanks for sharing!

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(((HUGS))) Children know how to push our buttons huh? You are exactly right on them being a loan from God and just like you I am grateful. In fact, that's what my blog post was about today...

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No, Tracy, that photo is PERFECT! You caught your child and his personality, and now have that exact moment to remember forever. There are no technical flaws when you capture what you did here Smile Before I even read what you wrote, I said to myself, "That is perfect!" Smile

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Thanks, Steph and El! And Sadie, I read your blog post, commented on FB... it really did make me cry. I fail SO often! Micah asked me why I had tears on my cheeks after reading it. I tried to explain, but it was a bit tough!

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So very sweet! I like it too! I am sorry to hear of the loss. I feel exactly the same way about my Eva. She is growing up SO fast, but still every day I still see so many things about her that remind me of when she was very little. And she still loves to cuddle and play. She is a real monkey too and SO imaginative and spirited. I love her to pieces.