jmk- sharing and cc plz!

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jmk- sharing and cc plz!

Hello girls! I have missed being an active part of this board. I guess my new normal is just crazy busy. lol I had a couple of snow days off from school, so I got my OWN kids in for a little session! It was so much fun, but hard at the same time! I wanted to share and get some opinions on my kids' pics!
1. I need ideas on how to fix her dress.... love her expression

dh got me this stool for Christmas! Love it for toddlers! it keeps them in one spot!
2. 3c

3. 5c

Im a sucker for looking up pics....
4. 7c

He got this for Christmas and adores it!
5. 2c

Please cc on comp here, I wasnt quite sure what to do...
6. 4c

This pic is just HIM thru and thru. He is roaring like a dinosaur... lol
7. 5c

My second favorite, probably would have been my first if I hadnt chopped his knee Sad
8. 9c

9. 1c

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Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! So great to have you back.

Here's my $0.02 worth ...

1. I too love her expression. I'd try a nice tight crop (I'm NO GOOD at ALL at fixing those kinds of things). But seriously, I think a nice tight head shot would work here.

2. super sweet! great color, focus, expression, composition! the only thing that jumps out to me here is the height adjustment handle under the seat. in the future, you might try having that point toward the back, maybe it won't be so obvious then. I would probably try cloning it out, but it's not overwhelming as-is. focus stays where it is supposed to ... on that beautiful, happy little face!

3. AWWWWW! love the tighter crop here.

4. I'm a huge fan of b&w and you have really done it justice here! BRAVO!

5. very cute!

6. for 6, I think I'd crop a bit off the right so that he's not quite so centered. otherwise, I love the shot!

7. this is my fave of him! I just love how it SCREAMS "I'm ALL BOY!" Smile

8. would have been even better w/out the chopped knee, but is really great anyway! LOVE IT!

9. this one makes him look more grown up (must tug at your heart strings). Love the different shooting angle.

It's great to see you posting again! Hope the trend will continue!


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Oh my! I would say you did have fun b/c I am having fun just looking at the pics! What neat photos!

1) LOVE this pic. That shawl is adorable! I agree though, tighter crop!
2) Tighter crop here too. Maybe clone out the adjustment lever too.
3) I'd like to see this one as a head shot. Man, she's cute!
4) great conversion! I like those kind of pics too! Wink
5) LOVE the prop!
6) I agree with GiGi on this one, crop some of the right off. Simply adore this pic!
7, 8, & 9) LOVE all of these. He's handsome!

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These are wonderful!
Here is my cc...

1. This is one of my favorite picture in the set. I would say you don't really need to fix her dress, I would however clone out the line in the middle from her stockings.

2. Soo cute. I wish she was looking. I don't mind the crop, it wouldn't hurt to crop tighter.

3 and 4. Cute but doesn't really do much for me in terms of composition.

5. Another favorite. Perfect.

6. Its a bit too center for my taste. Maybe get him in the right-third of the picture and more space to our left?

7. Another favorite. I love it when they show their trueself/expression.

8. I don't mind the knee chop - I think the subject is in focus.

9. Too cute!

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Oopsie double post!

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I only have a couple of minutes, so can't offer detailed C&C. but I'm enjoying seeing your kids, it's been a while! cool toddler freezing chair. Wink (I needed one of those today!). and that gas pump is cool! I love the picture of your son (where the knee is slightly chopped), even with the chop.

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I'm JSO, so I don't know how much of what I have to say is very valid :shrug: But, I'll try!

1. I love her expression!! So sweet. I find the blanket kind of busy. Probably just me.

2. Adorable! I agree, somehow remove the handle bar and I think it's fine.

3. Not digging the leg chop. Maybe just a torso crop?

4. LOVE THIS!! It looks great in B&W and I'm a sucker for looking up pics too Wink

5. How cool is that gas pump? Can't tell if I mind the center or not. It's an adorable shot.

6. I'd shift the crop so the pump is closer to the right hand side of the pic. That way he's not dead center.

7, 8, and 9 are great! #8's my fav, though Smile

I Love the sharpness and color of all of them!!

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Your kids are gorgeous! I love the first one, I would just clone the line on her tights out. I love looking up shots too. The gas pump is cool, I love him putting gas in his bike, it really appeals to me having all boys, lol!

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I never thought about just cloning out the line in her tights! that just might work! Thanks for all your responses! The gas tank was a Christmas present to him from my mom. HE loves to fill up everything in our house with gas.... lol