JMK snaps: balloon twisting

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JMK snaps: balloon twisting

These are about a month old, but I wanted to share anyway ....

Loli has gotten into balloon twisting lately. He just LOVES it. He can make all kinds of balloon animals, balloon hats, and even some balloon "sculptures" (he made a pyramid and a model of the Space Needle).

I love to watch him do his balloon twisting. The rest of the world seems to melt away from him and it's just him and his creation. He's oblivious to everything around him. One of the things I love most about watching him create with his balloons is that his hands are not quite big enough to hold everything together until the end. So, especially for the larger sculptures, he has had to get inventive on how to hold it all together. He uses whatever tools he's got ... and usually, that means his FEET!

Anyway ... I took a few snaps to preserve this memory and wanted to share them with you all.







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Awesome. I like how he was using his feet Smile

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wow look at him! Smile that's way neat. good for him! the second picture made me giggle. Smile that's cute. TFS!

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cool! and that's a scrapbook page waiting to happen ... Wink

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Very cool. #2 is my fav...

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That's just great!

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How very creative Biggrin

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How cool! He's really into it, and it looks like he's pretty good!

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Wow thats really cool. Im amazed at people that can do that. And I LOVE the use of the feet.

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That is just awesome that he can do that! He looks so into it! Love how he uses his feet. Think you need to SCRAP that one! Wink