JMKs (cc on my editing please)

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JMKs (cc on my editing please)

This weekend, my SIL's church was doing a fundraiser where we pay $10 for an 8x10 or something like that. I got the kids dressed to go, and when I show up, they won't do it without an adult in the pic. I was frustrated b/c I drove almost an hour to help them out, but the photographer wouldn't do it. He was super rude too. Luckily, I brought MY camera. I was going to do the photo shoot b/c I wanted to help my SIL's church out, plus, I have never captured that one pic that I LOVE of my two together, b/c it's hard being behind the camera with your own. So, I stopped by my parents house on the way home and found some neat spots. They were already dressed nice and I had my camera, so why not?!
Amber said I needed to get a clean edit, so this is what I am trying for. I don't want to do any actions and different edits until it's good and clean. I need to get that established first, so here's my first try! Give it to me. I would like cc on everything actually, not just editing. Ahhh, as I am editing this post, I realize I am into vertical crops, and I don't know how to get out of that!!!!

1) As you can tell, Ruthie doesn't mind the camera at all. She is always posing, such a girly-girl!
ISO- 320, f/3.2, 1/640

sis-tree-web by sadieruth, on Flickr
2) Is this mommy goggles? It's her true smile b/c she was laughing in this one.
ISO- 320, f/3.2, 1/160

sism&dsedited2web by sadieruth, on Flickr
3) This one looks a bit yellow now, am I correct? Still like this one. I know he's not looking at me, but he's such a boy! Love the determination on his face!

bubstick-web by sadieruth, on Flickr
4) This one is probably mommy goggles too. I FINALLY caught his "geez!" face! (he's trying to say cheese, but it comes out geez.)
ISO- 320, f/3.2, 1/1000

sillybubby-web by sadieruth, on Flickr

5) I totally see the yellow and green now, but does it bother you too much that he's not looking? I am telling you, it's hard to get that one.
ISO- 320, f/ 3.2, 1/640

BUB&SIS-web by sadieruth, on Flickr

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The first thing I notice is the lack of light in their eyes. With kids, i try to shoot from above so they're looking up and i can get more light on them that way.
#1 looks a little cool to me
#2-love her smile here. the laughing/natural ones are the best ones imo. Smile there's a yellow petal at her head which i'm drawn to when i look at her face, but that should be an easy clone out.
#3 seems slighltyy more contrasty than the other ones..?
#5 cute capture, i do wish randy was looking but whaddya gonna do!? Smile and you already see the colour issues. Smile

that sucks about the photographer. what's the big deal about a parent being in the image esp if the kid can sit for a minute or two, i.e. ruthie's age. pfft...yours probalby came out better anyway Biggrin

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I would have been frustrated w/ that photog. Better to just go off on your own like you did.

1. I think this is probably the cleanest of the set. WB looks really good and natural. Ruthie is a doll and the camera really loves her. I would avoid shooting straight on. Get at an angle and then have her turn her head and shoulders toward you. Like here ... I wish that maybe her knees were pointed to the left (her right) and then you had her turn toward you. I like the use of the log here, but I think it could be an even stronger element if it angled back to one of the corners rather than straight back behind her. With all of that said, this is a GREAT shot and has so much RIGHT about it. Color and focus look really nice. The bokeh is soft. Her eyes are a little dark - a reflector or fill flash might have helped. Great use of the ROT in your composition! This would be a keeper for me! Smile

2. As it's her true smile, I say it's a keeper. This one, the WB looks off. She looks magenta to me. I wish her eyes were a bit more open as well. Still super sweet.

3. This one does look yellow to me. The lack of eye contact is not an issue for me here as he is so focused on what he is doing. What a cutie!

4. I like the 'geez' face! He looks a little soft though. Or maybe just a bit bright on his forehead. Again, the WB seems off here and he looks yellow.

5. You already know about the color issues. Eye contact would be best, but it doesn't totally blow the shot that you don't have it. He's a toddler and eye contact is just plain hard to come by. I like Ruthie's interaction with him. That makes it a winner in my book.


I always look forward to your posts ... we're watching these 2 grow up right before our eyes.


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Looks like your parents have some great spots at their place!!

1. Not a lot of light on her face. Also, the leg chop is bothersome. I've heard that if you can't get all the feet in the picture, then your next leg crop should be at the thigh and to not chop below the knee. I don't know how sound that advice is, but it's something to think about.
2. Love this one!! Her smile is so sweet, I can tell it's the real deal Smile
3. I can't decide if the stick he's holding is leading me to him or away from him. But I do like it
4. Lol! Love the cheese face
5. Not calibrated, but the color is way off on this one (but you know that). Not terribly bothersome that he's not looking, but would LOVE it if he were Smile

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#1. My favorite of the bunch. Color is has nice direction. True, there isn't light in the eyes, but it doesn't bother me a bit. Sweet expression and cute composition. You didn't need to shoot her off to the right though. In a portrait orientation, the only third you need to worry about is the top third. Not necessarily the top right third.

Oh, and no need to rid yourself from a vertical crop....especially with a single subject. Horizontal crops are really for when you're trying to create an interesting composition using an interesting background or body position. They call the vertical crop "portrait orientation" for a reason.

#2. Another cute shot. I prefer the color of #1, but this one is still good. Cute smile. Could use just a little more space above her head.

#3. Yes, yellow and contrasty. Composition is pretty good, but would be much stronger if there were another half an inch above his head.

#4. Yellow again...and crowded at the top again.

#5. Color in this one is way off. It would be a much stronger photo if he were looking. This one has too much space above their heads. Aim for that top third....eyes smack dab in the line that crosses the top third of the frame.

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Sadie, I've had this thread open for DAYS and I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner.

1. I ADORE this shot!! I think the only thing I'd do different would be to add a LITTLE bit of fill light in ACR to light the darker side of her face a touch. But other than that, I think this looks great!

2. No, not mommy goggles, very adorable! Love her little farmer's tan. Wink I think colors look good here too.

3. Yes, too warm, and maybe a touch too bright on his cheeks.

4. Love that he says geez! This one looks a little soft to me. I could be wrong, maybe it needs more contrast. And he looks greenish.

5. Yep, green and yellow!!! yikes! I think this is sweet. Sure, he's not looking, but he's at that age where it's hard to get a look. Trust me, I deal with that all of the time with Jack!

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Not much I can add in terms of cc, everything I thought of has been covered. I also love the 1st one, so cute! Your kiddos are adorable and I know how hard it is to get good shots of my youngest.