JMKs Easter shoot

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JMKs Easter shoot

Uncooperative kids...bright, windy day = not so great pictures. Couple that with having NO CLUE what I'm doing in CS4...I'm expecting a lot of CC here!! Do the honey tones work? cause really, I don't know what else to do here!

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I am still not good at giving CC but I think they are great. Espically for kids who are being uncooperative! Your girls are both so cute!

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I think they're cute Smile

They do look a bit bright to me, but I seem to see a trend where things look to bright on my monitor...

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I think you did pretty good! Smile #2 is my fave except that her hair is a blown on the right side. #1 close second. the dress on the older girl is puffed in the back, makes it like baby got back Biggrin (i'm bad for not noticing wardrobe malfunctions on my subjects Smile ) Looks like there's more contrast in #3 compared to the others. I see some foot chops too (#2 & #3) Watch for those. Love the how pink pops on out in the images too Smile

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I think you did an amazing job with what you had to work with, as in uncooperative subjects + sunlight! I like #1 & #2 best. I agree, #3 has too much contrast.

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I think you did a great job! And they are ADORABLE!!!

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Very cute!!!