JMKs... just sharing

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JMKs... just sharing

The weather has been gorgeous here in southeastern Wisconsin. We have been playing outside alot.



Brooke.... ohhhhh Brooke...


Last, but certainly not least, Phoebe Joan

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Ur girls are just gorgeous Stacey. I can't get over Phoebe, where did the little girl go? I think u need one more Biggrin hehehe

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You do make BEAUTIFUL children! Love the one of Brooke. She's quite the poser huh? Glad you are enjoying the beautiful weather!

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They are so sweet. Smile Love the one of all of them together!

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They are all great! Love the first one, its my favorite!

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Pics of Brooke always totally crack me up. She looks so sassy and full of personality! Beautiful girls Stacey.

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It has clearly been too long since you shared! When did Brooke get so big!?! And when did Phoebe grow all that hair???

You're girls a lovely.

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Just wanted to add that I love #4...she looks so sweet and innocent, yet full of life!

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I love them all. The swing and other background colors complement the children's hair and complexions very nicely!

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Wow! They are getting so big! Great photos!