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judo collages

Hi All!

I mentioned last week that some of the moms at judo were asking for some 'belt test collages.' Here are a few I've been working on. I'm including one of Logan where I used older pictures as I wanted to give the moms a variety of styles from which to choose.

Any/all c&c MUCH appreciated!






does this last one feel unbalanced to you guys? I've been thinking about adding the Japanese kanji for Judo on the right hand side, but I can't decide if it's needed.


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You are SERIOUSLY the collage queen. These kick some tail for sure! The only cc I have is that on #3 the right hand side could use some lines to define where each pic begins/ends. #2 and #4 are my faves!

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GiGi, these look great!!! you do an amazing job with the silhouetting. and I don't think the last one looks unbalanced, it looks great!

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I really like #2 and #3. You do such a great job with collages!

As for #5, I think it looks great as is.

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I like collage #2 and #5. I like how the pictures are divided!

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awesome designs!! You have a way of taking busy pictures and making them look streamlined. Really well done. And I don't think that last one is unbalanced.

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Those are amazing! The only thing I noticed was in #1, above Logan's head in the large "cutout" of him, there's a black shape that blends in with his hair/head and makes his head look flat on top with a piece sticking straight up. But these are all seriously excellent collages and I'm amazed at the super-imposed portions, they have such clean perfect edges!

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Last one doesn't look unbalanced at all, I think these look great! Smile favs are 2 & 5. Excellent work! Smile