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judo fun

I hate to post and run, but work just called (AGAIN!).

ANYWAY ... before I run, I wanted to share these.

Had a fun night at judo last night. Took out my camera and was actually able to hold it up to my face for most of class (off and on, of course). Wink

Thanks to my other 'judo moms & dads' for allowing me to post some of these.

All photos were taken at 400 iso w/ my 50mm. I did use my speed light as well. I'd love a little feedback if you guys have time.

Some have been cropped (since I was working w/ the 50mm and it depended on how far away the kids were at any given time). Most have a slight wb adjustment (the lighting in there sucks). But that's about all the pp I've done to these.

1. f/3.5 ss=1/160

2. f/3.5 ss=1/160

3. f/2.8 ss=1/160

4. f/2.8 ss=1/160

5. f/2.8 ss=1/160

One of the kids' mom has requested a collage, so I should have that to show by the end of the week.


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Great job Gigi, always like seeing your judo pics.

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Well I love them... # 3 is fantastic Biggrin

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hahaha love the 3rd looks like they have so much fun. Your fellow judo parents must love having you capture everything Smile

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LOVE the action you caught in the first one! Biggrin #3 is great too! Love these and YAY for picking up the camera!