July Assignment: Reflections

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July Assignment: Reflections

I am SO SORRY, guys! I totally missed the assignment for the month of June. So let's jump into July before it gets away from me too.

I thought this month we'd try reflections for our theme. Interpret it any way you like.

I cannot wait to see what you all come up with. Biggrin

Take care,

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Here's one of my faves from our recent vacation... gorgeous reflections in the water:
Moraine Lake, AB

And a funny one as we were watching the sun set on the mountains behind us one evening while driving:
Setting Sun

Oh, and this one of Lake Louise that I didn't post in the other thread... kind of a flattened-out version of the lake, with a four-photo stitch resulting in a much larger/flatter effect to the lake, but it does feature nice reflections:
Lake Louise, AB