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Just a Couple

I caught a couple of photos of the kids today that I liked. I'd love some feedback! Both shot at 1/250 f/3.2 ISO 400 50mm



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I'm so excited....neither of these are too bright! Beautiful exposure. The first one is such a cute shot. It may be a bit yellow, perhaps just personal taste here.

Excellent use of the wall for a nice dynamic shadow in the 2nd one.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE that last one. Wow....

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Yay! I've really been trying to be aware of how bright they are, so it looks like I'm getting somewhere!


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Really nice!!!!

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Awesome! And I have to say one more time - I am insanely jealous of the eye contact you get from your guys!

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It's not too hard to get the eye contact from the big one. (Real smiles, on the other hand, are hard to come by with him) The little one takes some patience and quick reflexes on my part, though. He seriously avoids looking at the camera when I have it out, and I have to keep it up at my face until he looks over to check to see if I still have it aimed at him Wink He's getting to that age, though, where I'm able to start bribing him. It's worked a couple of times so far.

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Great shots, Steph, and yeah, the exposure is just right!

The second one is totally awesome. Love the mood and the bokeh.

The first one is so cute, my only nitpick would be, I wonder if you could burn the grass to his right just a little? My eyes keep going to that brighter patch of grass there and I'm finding it distracting.

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Yeah, I could probably take care of that in one way or another. I may try some cloning. I'm really missing my free trial of LR4. I'm going to guilt hubby into letting me buy it, since I've put so much work into the house lately with getting it ready to sell Wink

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I love these both, Stephanie! I love the warmness of the background in #1 and I'm a huge sucker for B&W.