Just a few snaps of my new baby!

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Just a few snaps of my new baby!

This is my new little man! Cooper Riley Tj C. Just wanted to share a few snaps of him. I am going to try to get his first pictures taken soon and get ya'll to CC them when I get them taken.

Big brother looking in the nursery window!

Christopher loves his little brother!

A comparsion of Christopher and Cooper's hospital pics! They look like twins!

His birth annoucment I made. I wish now that I would have picked a different pic. But I think it looks good. What do ya'll think of the annoucment?

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Awwww, he's lovely! Congratulations!

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awwwwe congrats! hes so cute

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AWWWWWWW! Your new little dude is PRECIOUS!

I adore the pic of Christopher looking in on him at the nursery. And the one of the 2 of them in their 'bro' shirts.

The birth anouncement is WONDERFUL and I know it will be cherished by all who receive it.


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Congratulations! I love the photo of the three of you in the hospital bed--so tender!

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He is truly adorable, congratulations on your new little man!!! And yes, even though a lot of moms with 2 say their 2 look like twins, they often don't, but your boys REALLY honestly do have the same nose, eyes, brows, forehead, AND chin! LOL

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what a cutie! congrats!!! and I really can't believe how very much alike your boys are in those two pictures! can't wait to see more pictures. Smile

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He's such a handsome little boy!! Congrats and great photos Smile