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just for fun



My fav


just fun



a bonus my hand exploded after stitches last night,,, ow

and before my fasciotomy....

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GIRL! What the heck happened to your hand?

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sweetie, I can NOT believe your luck lately. I love you, think your pics are awesome, but just wish I was there to give you a big ol' hug.

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OMG.... your poor hand!!!!

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Look at your poor, poor hand! (((HUGS)))

I love, love, LOVE #3 - great treatment. That should be framed! Also love #6. Just a classic shot.


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That looks painful!! Sad on the bright side- you've got some neat captures.

Hope it heals fast!

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what the heck did you do? - that looks awful!!!

PS- great shots!

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Beautiful shots! I love the saturation in the flower one. And OUCH!! I'm so sorry... I'm with them, though.. what happened?!

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I LOVE the 3rd one! That's great!

Hope your hand heals soon!

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:eek:You poor thing! Your hand looks sooo painful. I hope it gets better soon!! Your pics are beautiful. Love the B&W flower Smile

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Love the pictures!!! The 3rd is my favorite, but they're all nice.

Saw your hand pictures on FB (somehow missed this thread). Ouch on the exploding hand!

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omg i cannot believe your hand :eek:

great pics Biggrin