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just for fun

I'm working from home this week while some work gets done on my bathroom. In between work assignments, I've been going through photoshop tutorials. I've been focusing on texture and text techniques (so far).

Anyway ... I thought I'd share a couple of my plays. These are ROUGH, but I'm OK w/ that b/c it was just for fun.

I'd like to use this first text technique (graffiti look) for a 'save the date' card for a friend. She and her fiancee are coming in sometime this spring for me to do engagement photos. Now, I had to paste DH & I on to a wall (& if you look at DH's glasses you can certainly see we're not really in front of that wall), but when I do my friend's pics, I won't have to do that (I'll shoot in front of a brick wall). It was the text I was wanting to learn how to do.

I think it's fun. I'll have to refine the technique before using it for my friend, but I think it has potential. Smile

This other one is more about background texture and design elements. I'm utterly amazed at how LITTLE I know how to do in photoshop (considering I've been using one version or another since about 1992). I had fun playing with this one too ....

That pic of DS is one of my all time faves of him. But he looks so TINY in it now. Smile



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That is soo cool. I love the second picture!

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the graffiti idea is cool! but I'm thinking the text should look a little more like spray paint (i.e. the edges are too hard). I wouldn't have even noticed the glasses if you didn't point it out.

and look at Loli! I remember when he was that small, seems like yesterday! I'm digging the background on it. Wink