just for fun: my little wizard

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just for fun: my little wizard

I should so seriously be working, but I just had to share this!

Logan wants to be Harry Potter for Halloween this year and he was so excited when his robes arrived that he actually ASKED me to take his picture. Smile I certainly couldn't say no to that. I can't wait to print this and put it up on his wall next to one of his movie posters.

I'll bbl ... I had 3 ... yes THREE shoots last week and can't wait to share!!!


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that's so cute!!!!! (I'm wishing the wand was more in focus, but that's being being nit picky). love the boy, and love the poster!

can't wait to see the photos from your shoots.

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That is so much fun!!!
He is lucky to have such a creative mom...what kid wouldn't want to have something like that on their wall?

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I love that! Smile so cute!

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AWESOME! He makes a great HP! Love that poster! Well done! Can't wait to see those shoots!

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That is wonderful! He DOES make a good Harry Potter lol! So funny that he ASKED you for a shoot! lol. I bet that will be the first and last time right there. I agree with you! Make it a poster size and hang it up!

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Very cool!! I like it.

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So cute! Good job!!

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Very Very Cool!!!!


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Love it!

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Fantastic! My boys would be jealous!

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You do so well with collages. Adorable.

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This is just too cute!

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