It Just KILLS me!

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It Just KILLS me!

I have a friend whose 13 yr old daughter is an actress. A while ago she inquired to me about headshots. I quoted her my usual friend 50% off discount, but she decided it was still too much to spend. I understand, but really...50% off my regular headshot prices is an AMAZING deal for this area.

Anyway...she just posted the photos she had done with another photographer and they are HORRIBLE! I want to shoot myself in the head. They are OOF, her skin is bright pink, there are serious pin lights in her eyes. The DOF does nothing for the photo. You name it, it's wrong! I'm so crazy out of my mind upset that I just offered her a 1 hr session for $50 and I pray she takes it. I just can't take it that a friend of mine went to such a bad photographer....especially for headshots. UGH!

Anyway...I had to rant somewhere. Rant over.

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I by no means consider myself a professional photographer, but i also have extremely low prices and think i'm worth a $100 investment for a full cd of rights, so it kills me when a friend goes to JCP or something for pics. So in that respect i TOTALLY understand you. I know headshots can not be cheap and it's what can make or break a job, so you want them to be good. I think you did the right thing as long as you agree with her that she doesn't go spreading word around that you do shoots for $50. I've done some really cheap deals for people before and just asked that they don't go telling everyone that i do it for $20 or something. Smile

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I so understand Amber. It kills me too. I am NOT professional by any means, but around here we have TONS of people who claim to be photographers and they have wayyyyyy bad pics. I always let my clients know that I am not a professional, it's a side hobby/little bit of money making business for myself. I charge little to make a little and give memories. I saw a photographers "site" the other day and I almost threw up. AND, I had all kinds of my friends going to her! RARRR!

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Sorry to hear her shots were awful, hope she takes you up on the offer for an inexpensive shoot, I can't believe she turned down you offering 1/2 off.

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Ridiculous. But it's her loss. Your headshots are gorgeous. All we can hope is that she is looking at the ones she got, wondering why they don't look like yours. Ugh.