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just a little note-

Well, today is the last day of school. Yahoo I don't have internet access at home though. :confused: Major bummer. Maybe we will, but probably not. Money is not good for us, so it's best not to. But, my mom & dad live right down the road and they have the net there. I'll be there often b/c they have a pool and well, I get to spend all summer with my babies, so why not be at the pool all the time!?!?! I will pop in when I get a chance! I will miss you wonderful ladies. Can't wait to see some new work next time I pop in!

Thanks for helping me along my journey. Photography is a huge passion of mine! I have an engagement shoot today for my brother and I was notified by a friend that her friend would like me to do some pics for her. I am so excited!!!!

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I'm glad your parents are close enough for you to get online. stinks that you don't have internet at home, will miss seeing you on a regular basis.

I know I owe you an email, but it's been hard trying to catch up on my netbook, I don't like writing a lot here (which is another reason I haven't caught up on threads here, sorry). I promise I'll write soon.

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Sadie, that's so great you get to be at home all summer with your kiddos! I am jealous! Smile but we'll miss seeing you here often...I hope you will stop in every chance you get. But enjoy your time and take lots of pics! I am excited for you with your 2 shoots coming up! Can't wait to see posts from you again soon!

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Enjoy your summer and take lots of pics! We'll miss you, but will look forward to catching up with you when we can. Biggrin


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