Just a note about the snapshot of the day and Lent

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Just a note about the snapshot of the day and Lent

You may be wondering what the snapshot of the day has to do with Lent. Well... if you're unfamiliar with Lent, it's a period before Easter where you 'fast' from or give something up before Easter (intended to help us remember what God gave up for us when He sent His Son to die). Anyway. Part of what I'm giving up for Lent this year is a little "me" time, so that I can be more intentional and engaged with my kids. That doesn't mean I am not picking up a camera during Lent!! But I decided that I will be trying to just 'be' with them, rather than taking pictures of them right now. So... if we're doing some special activity or celebration where it makes sense to snap some pics, or if I can find other things to shoot during this period, I will participate in the 'snapshot a day'. But if not, I'm not going to try to get shots of the kids while I'm hanging out with them just so I can get a snap for the day.

Just wanted to let you guys know, since I rarely miss a snapshot day and you may wonder why you don't see so much from me.

Tangentially, I have mixed feelings about the snapshot a day 'experience', really. It's awesome in that it has caused me to take pictures I normally wouldn't, like the one of Micah at the eye doctor's, or even the cool snow swirl picture. I took those because I was trying to get a snap in for that day, not because I had some great plan in mind for an awesome portrait or something; and yet sometimes the snaps turned out to be neat things to remember or just cool pics, or both. OTOH, sometimes just trying to get a snap means I am just sticking a camera in my kids' faces needlessly when I could be engaged with them. So even after Lent I may try to use the kids a little less often and find other things to shoot 'along the way' of our daily lives. I mean, they're my favourite thing to take pictures of, but I may just not opt to take a shot of Micah eating lunch just because I need a snap, but rather find something else that day and spend lunch just chatting with my boy, you know? So they know they're more important than a photo. That's just me, and I guess it's silly to reflect so much on it here, but I just thought I'd share about Lent and that led me to sharing about this too. Hope you don't mind listening to my musings and ramblings!

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I understand where you are coming from and it's why I don't always get my shots, I get more involved in having fun with my kids, mainly Natalie since Dana want's nothing to do with me half the time yay teens.

I find a quick phone snap is great for capturing some fun moments with the kids, and if I can't get one of the kids I have 4 furry models.

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I understand Tracy! I know we all will. It's something I have tried to do as well. Randall is quick to remind me and I am grateful for that! (((HUGS)))!

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Totally get it! I think you have an iPad, right? Would you be willing to download Instagram? I LOVE the Clickin' Moms Instagram project. They will give a prompt for every day of the week, and you make it what you want it to be. Kids, still life, furry friends. It might be worth checking into, if you still want to give the snapshot a day project a go, but not have the camera in your kids' faces all the time. I look at the prompts each day and see if I can come up with anything. I don't participate every day, but if I'm struggling to find something of my kids, I will see what I can come up with for the prompt of the day.

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Yeah, we got an iPad a couple of months back. I could check out Instagram and see what I think, for sure. Still no guarantees, but it sounds like it might be worth a try as an alternative right now.

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I'm sure everyone understands, Tracy. I totally agree with your desire to be more present in your everyday life. There are always things that will pull our focus from what is important and it's vital that we take time to recharge and regain that focus.

One good thing about this "snap of the day" we've had going is that it's not truly a huge commitment. The idea was just to get us in the habit of shooting more often, to force some of us out of our comfort zones, and, of course, to encourage sharing on the board. I know we all appreciate your level of participation, but you should never feel pressured to keep it up.

I hope that, as you DO have a snap or two to share, you'll do so. But don't feel pressured.

Take care & enjoy your time with your family!


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It is nice that the "snap of the day" is not a huge commitment. Unfortunately, I'm OCD enough that once I decide to do something like that, I pretty much don't miss unless there are really extenuating circumstances. I need to be much more laid-back in life! So this is some good practice for me, to let go of my OCD-ness and just go with the flow. If I get a shot, great; if not, no worries.