Just one of my son :)

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Just one of my son :)

It has been a long time since I've been able to get a good shot of my son... SMILING! He RUNS from me whenever I take my camera out. This was one of those 'i'll keep shooting until I get a good shot' moments. Lol But I love it! I had a bit of trouble with the white balance though. And wanted to check with you guys. How does it look? Does it look too bright? According to photoshop I could have gone even brighter! I'll have to check my calibration. Thanks! Smile

Mikael by loidaeg, on Flickr


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not too bright at all, I think it's perfect in terms of brightness. so cute!!!

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I don't think its too bright, it looks crisp and his skin tone is great.

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I LOVE it! So darling! I think you did great on the white balance. I think you could have gone just a tad brighter, but not much. I also like my pictures bright too though.

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thanks! Smile I was worried it was too bright. I have another I might brighten up a tad now.

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It looks perfect to me and the WB looks good. He's adorable!

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I like it a lot!!! I think you nailed it!

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Looks good to me. I saw this on fb, soo cute!:D

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and WHEN did he get so BIG?!


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thanks gals! here's one more i got that night. I don't like the crop much but it's in camera so couldn't do much about it. My question is though, I had to seriously brighten these up in ACR even though my meter was right smack in the middle. I don't like over exposing though. not much anyway. I was using my speed light. So how would I go about getting it almost perfectly exposed in camera?

Mikael 2 by loidaeg, on Flickr

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I think they are both PERFECT! I love the brightness! I think it's perfect b/c you can tell where his shirt is and where the sheets are. You did a great job and I totally get the running away smiling!