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just playing around...

life has just been crazy busy lately, between teaching, my girls and trying to catch up on editing, there's not much time to do anything else. However, daddy's been away at "deer camp" this past weekend and the girls begged me to put up the Christmas decorations... their excitement was contagious, so I went along for the ride... DH is not going to be thrilled, but he'll get over it. I know it's early, but the girls are so excited, I couldn't resist Smile Last night I got them all in bed and decided to play a little with the lights... here's a fun shot I got... I'm thinking this will definitely be used in part of our Christmas cards... now just to get a good shot of all 3 girlies together...

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Love the effect, great capture.

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NEAT! I remember seeing this done last year. I never got around to taking neat photos, but I hope to this year!

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Cool! How fun...you've got to love the enthusiasm of little girls!

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Love it!

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That's really neat!