Just a quick share from tonight...

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Just a quick share from tonight...

Sorry I haven't been around in awhile! I've been a bit busy doing other things. My photography sort of took a back seat (I still tried to take a picture every day though) and I used my free time today to catch up on my 365. I have some horrible shots in there though from days I was just not feeling it and a P&S shot had to do :confused: My daughter also had the chickenpox all last week. And I've started exercising 4-5 times a week now so that's taken up a bit of my time (I LOVE it though!) I just wanted to say hi. And share just three from tonight. I had just gotten back from picking up my kids at daycare and my daughter said "Oh look at the sun mama!". And so I did. I quickly took my kids out of the car and rushed inside the house to get my camera. The sun sets so stinkin fast! I thought I wasn't going to make it! lol My kids sure got a kick out of me rushing. I just realized the sky color looks a bit different in all these. OH well! Lol I'm too tired to re edit right now.

February 28, 2011 by loidaeg, on Flickr

February 28, 2011 by loidaeg, on Flickr

February 28, 2011 by loidaeg, on Flickr

TFL! I hope to reply to some threads later on. I'm so tired right now I should be in bed. And I think I might be coming down with something. I feel a bit icky.


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Hope that you're not coming down with something! Good to see you again!

Those pictures are so pretty! I'm glad you rushed to get them!

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I'd say these were certainly worth the rush! Love them all, but there is something really special about #2 for me. I just feel a real emotional connection to it. Smile


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Looks nice Loida. So are you moving to the Bay Area?

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Beautiful!!! I really love #3...how they are just standing there enjoying the scene. Awesome shots!

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"EL2" wrote:

Looks nice Loida. So are you moving to the Bay Area?

It's actually going to be IN Colorado now. There was some confusion on their part or something. We were told that we had to live close to one of the hubs, DH's office. And those are only located in major cities. Then later on we were told it doesn't matter so it's definitely going to be in Colorado right now. It's either my hometown or Denver. I'd be happy with either one really but I much prefer my hometown. I just have more of a chance to go back to school there and start a life. Smile Thanks for asking! I was dreading having to move to Dallas. The weather is just ugh there Lol One summer I went I expected it to cool down once the sun went down but nope. Didn't happen. lol And San Fran is just way too expensive.

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and thanks. These are some of my fave shots so far. Smile I haven't really done anything "nice" in awhile cuz I've been so distracted. But now that I feel like I've gotten used to my workout schedule something else happens that interrupts it. And my son has yet to get the chickenpox so I keep wondering when that will happen. Ugh! lol

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I really really love the first one! So pretty!

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Lovely, lovely shots! Certainly worth the rush! I think the second is my favourite.

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Beautiful colors and I love the two with your kids watching Smile

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Beautiful sunset! I think my favorite is the third.

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LOVE that first one! Smile Great shot! I totally agree with the sun setting so fast. Sunset shots are hard if you don't have your camera ready.