Just a share but CC is welcomed

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Just a share but CC is welcomed

Had my niece and nephew over on saturday and got to take the camera outside while the sun was out(hurry up spring)

Seth - 9 months old now, he is such a chunker!!!!! He also either has one or the other of these looks on his face at all times, certainly lives up to his name Smiley!


AP: 5.6
SS: 1/160
ISO: 500

Any my niece Kara who is growing up just way too fast!

Ap: 5.6
SS: 1/800
ISO: 500

CC is welcomed!

Thanks Biggrin

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they're so cute!! Smile I can tell that you did some processing on the eyes in #3, if maybe you brighten up the entire image it won't look so obvious. #2 so cute!

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He's a cutie! Love those two bottom teeth! Biggrin

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My goodness ... they are both growing so quick! I envy your cold weather. I'm so tired of the heat and humidity. Wink

The first shot of your nephew is my favorite of his two photos. I love that sideways grin and the beautiful smile showing off those adorable new teeth! Great composition! Focus looks great and you got a really pretty bokeh. It looks a TAD under exposed, but I'm not sure on that as I'm at work on an unreliable monitor.

Your niece looks SO CUTE and SO HAPPY! Her personality just shines in all of your photos. The finger chop is unfortunate, but otherwise this looks GREAT! Your shutter speed froze her perfectly. Focus is spot on. And again, the bokeh is really nice! What lens are you sporting here? Also, again, this one looks a tad under exposed. But I'm still on that bad monitor so take that for what it is worth. Wink

It's so good to have you posting again! I hope this means you are staying healthy. Smile

Take care,

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Look at those rosey cheeks... Sooo cute. I like bright photo, I would totally brighten him up. Your niece is soo big now and look at her hair! Do a layer curve on her to get her to pop up more.

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I agree with brightening. They seem a bit underexposed. They are growing and so darn cute! Love the 2nd face!