Just a share (JMKs)

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Just a share (JMKs)

My daughters and I stumbled on a new little park yesterday. I had no idea we would find this, so please excuse the messy hair, dirty faces, etc. but I just had to snap a few pics. I think this will be my newest go-to park when I take pictures for friends, because there was lots of potential there. Very excited for something new!
Anyway, here they are...feel free to CC if you'd like. I had trouble PPing the ones on the bridge because of the back/side lighting, so I'm open to all suggestions for these. Thanks!





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First of all, your girls are SUPER adorable. Who couldn't love those faces?!?!

I really like the last one. The backlighting is good and you still see a sparkle in her eye. Great, interesting bridge. Looks like you found a fun spot to shoot!

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great shots and your girls are cute!! Biggrin i like that bridge and you did good with the back lighting actually! For #1 though I feel like the vignette is a bit too strong. Smile

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These are some great pics.

1. probably my fav. I love the comp.
2. I like this one, but I feel as though there is too much shadow on one side.
3. cute, maybe brighten her up a bit though.
4. great job at backlighting! I suck at it, but you did good!

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the last one is my favorite. You did a great job w/ the backlighting. I can't believe you don't have harsh shadows on the face. and look at all the light in those eyes! Were you using a reflector or fill flash?