Just a share from the maternity session

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Just a share from the maternity session

Here's what I put on my blog tonight, thought I'd share it here too since a couple of you expressed an interest in seeing more from this set. There's a LOT more on Flickr, if you're a friend there.


I met this nice family at the park for photos before sunset last week. The kids were super cute, and the parents were so easy going. Baby #3 is due in August, so it's exciting times for this family. Here are just some of the captures from our session - I wish I could show them all, just gorgeous!

The kids really loved the wheelbarrows - their parents both pushed them around for a while for a nice ride.

Jun252010_0055 yellows

We found a cool porch swing to spend time on also

Lovely parents!
Jun252010_0134 no truck

Mister L just wanted to take off here ... but I managed to get a quick capture first


Feeling baby brother

Nearing the end of the session, they checked out the fence on the other side of the field
Jun252010_0241 quietude

Love ...

Sunburst and baby belly ... just a neat combination


Beautiful mama

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I LOVE the kids expressions in the second one. Adorable! I like the processing on the fence one too. I bet the family is going to

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Great job. They are a beautiful family, wish I looked that good while pregnant lol.

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Awesome Gwen! Great job on these! They are going to love them.

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Nice job Gwen! Love the sunburst one. I read your other post re this set and I hope mom gets back to you soon. Is the little girl purposly OOF in #1?

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"Gehana" wrote:

Is the little girl purposly OOF in #1?

yes Wink

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Oh my Gwen, these are GREAT! What a gorgeous family! I have to say that I adore the fence one! Too cute. The porch swing one is good, even though the girl isn't looking- that's just life huh?! I LOVE the sunburst. I think her hair in the ponytail is what makes it looks good. I think it helps that her face isn't distracting. Great job! Sure they ADORED them!