Just a share from today - my kiddos

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Just a share from today - my kiddos

Liam turned 7 months today, had to break out the new port-a-stand. yay no more fear of seamless falling or rolling away.

I got a roll of white with the stand so I thought I'd play around with it

here are 2 of my faves from today

natural light, big window on the left, silver reflector on the right
f/2.2 (1/200) 50 mm ISO 640

both serious faces.. haha.. Alana looked at the computer and said she's mad.. Blum 3
oh and I'm officially calibrated, yay. Still unsure of colors but its nice to know I'm calibrated.

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Your kids are adorable Smile Love the one of your daughter. Have you tried it in b&w?

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Love them both!

Liam seems a bit peachy. But, it's a very creamy color and I like it Smile

LOVE the one of Alana, boy is she adorable. Those curls must be a beast to tame! I really like the crop of this one too.

Woo hoo to being calibrated!!!

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I just said to my husband..."do you remember that last maternity session I did?" and showed him the photo of your little boy. He said "WOW!" I can't believe how big he's gotten. And that shot of Alana is super cute! I love her pouty little lips.

Congrats on being calibrated. I don't think you ever get over wondering if your color is right, but being calibrated does help.

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So cute! They get big so fast.

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Wow, so cute! Great photos -- your the kids are just adorable!

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Your kids are totally cute!! Love those curls on Alana!

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Your kids are adorable, and wonderful shots.

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That last one is to die for! She is gorgeous! You better be locking down your doors!

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You have truly beautiful children!

I can't believe Liam is 7 months already. Where does the time go?