Just sharing a pic.. My baby's first smile on-camera

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Just sharing a pic.. My baby's first smile on-camera

My DS has been a little stinker lately. He'll smile as soon as I put down the camera or stop smiling as soon as I pick it up. Grrr!

It's not "technically" perfect or anything like that (looks like the focus might have fallen on his hand, even though I manually picked the focal point..?? any thoughts on that?)...

But anyway.. Today, I finally got him smiling! And what a happy way to remember his 2-month birthday. Smile

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That is so cute! Such a big smile! I think our boys are exactly one month apart, because today Oliver is one month old!:D

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Aw, so cute! What an awesome gummy grin! Smile TFS!

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Awwww! That is adorable!

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I saw this on FB absolutely adorable.

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Beautiful! That's so awesome that you were able to get this shot--definitely one for the memory books!

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So adorable, Mary!

As for the focal point thing, I have no idea! I know that one tiny, little movement (either by me or my subject) between the time I focus and the time I release the shutter can bump my focal point off a hair. Which means focusing on a bottom lip vs. an eye! I personally just look at it as practice makes perfect. :shrug:

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Awww!! That's an amazingly adorable smile Smile

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So cute!

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gotta love those grins no matter what else is wrong!

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:lurk: aww that is so precious! don't get caught up in the technical stuff it's shots like that you'll cherish