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Just Some Info

I had that $10.00 photography workshop yesterday. My mom went with me, which was nice. I learned more in that session yesterday then I did in my whole semester with the community college!! They actually explained lighting, off camera flash, soft boxes, umbrellas, and everything else involved with studio lighting. It was so neat! The newspaper staff also shared their favorite photos over the years. It turns out the N&O has 12 photographers and most have been on staff for more than 15 years each. It was great listening to them all. It looks like there was enough interest that they will be doing more of these workshops in the future.

I also wanted to share a photography blog I found a while ago and follow. It's got some great explination of the basics of photography (since there seems to be so many new comers recently), reviews of products, and a lot of in between CRAZY stuff Smile He's just really entertaining and fun. Fro Knows Photo.com PS: I REALLY want the 'I Shoot RAW' t-shirt Lol

My new lens comes in today!! I might just have to leave work early to stalk the UPS guy Lol I'll share some pics sometime soon Smile

ETA: There's a contest on FroKnowsPhoto.com where you can enter for a chance to win a ThinkTank camera bag.

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thanks for sharing the blog, definitely checking it out. and that sounds like an awesome workshop. I need to keep an eye out for something like that around here.

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Sounds great! I am glad you found something like that! You'll have to keep us updated okay?

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Sounds like a GREAT experience!!! Wish I could find something like that.

Now ... off to check the blog!