Just three (so far) from Paris :)

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Just three (so far) from Paris :)

I haven't had any down time lately. My friend doesn't leave until Saturday and I'm sure I'll get busy editing more pictures after she leaves Smile But here are two for now. I'll share more later!

I was using my ziploc bag here. It was raining quite a bit. Here I put my camera on my tripod but it was too short so I put the camera, still on tripod, on the fence in front (the pole or whatever part), and it was pretty much hand held.

settings, f 6.3, ss (1/8 ) ISO 1600

Eiffel Tower by loidaeg, on Flickr

I actually had to get out into the middle of the very busy road for this shot. If I hadn't seen some Japanese tourists taking the exact same shot I don't think I would have dared tried it myself Lol

f 3.2, SS (1/15), ISO 800. I was using AV on my camera for most of my photography in Paris. This one was hand held, no tripod. Smile

Arc de Triomphe by loidaeg, on Flickr

And the road behind me Lol I wasn't out there too long so only snapped about 10 total out in the middle of the road there. Smile It was a bit scary! lol

f 3.2, SS (1/50), ISO 800. Hand held as well.

Paris France by loidaeg, on Flickr



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Loida, these are AWESOME!!! Love the Eiffel Tower, just gorgeous! And cracking up at you in the middle off the street, such an adventure. Can't wait to see more!

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Wonderful shots, thanks for sharing.

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That street scares me though, you are brave!

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# 1 just blew me away when I saw it on FB. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Smile

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#1 is AMAZING! And yay for you because when I was in Paris last month it was soooo busy and the driving is so different from the driving I'm used to in the U.S. I was lucky to get some blurry shots of the Eiffel Tower!

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These are soo awesome! I hope to someday visit Paris, sigh!

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WOW, they are amazing and I especially LOVE #1!!!

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Gorgeous as usual! You need to do a travel wall in your home of the awesome pics you've taken during your travels.

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Great shots! I am sooooooo impressed with #1- AMAZING!

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Number 1 is GORGEOUS! BUT, check your horizion. Smile

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oh.. is it slightly crooked? Smile this was a very quick edit. will have to fix later! Biggrin

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Great shots!! Love #1.