just two snaps for cc

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just two snaps for cc

These are just so simple snaps of Ruthie. I was graciously given Elements from a dear friend, and I downloaded some actions and put some to the test. These are both actions, b/c I love taking the simple road. Wink What do you think?

1. Is this one too much? I just like the idea of it. It's spring time, so we stopped and got ice cream before we hit the park. Biggrin

2. 1/2500, f/2.5, ISO- 100
I know, her eyes are too dark, bummer. :confused:

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Hi Sadie, I saw these at Flickr and I really like the processing on the ice cream one!

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The first one she is too yellow, I think maybe if you have masked her back in it would have worked.

The B/W is cute!

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i agree..the first one is a bit too yellow. try reducing opacity of the action and see how that works. Smile

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Cute shots! I agree about the 1st shot. Actions can be great, especially for B&W, but I rarely like what they do to the skin in colour actions. I would either mask her back in or reduce the opacity.

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Thanks ladies. I also notice the yellow, but I also notice the magenta around her eyes. I SUCK at masking back in, but I will give it a go. I need a tutorial so I can get it right. Any ideas?

You don't think the b&w is too soft? I am not in love with it. Editing frustrates me! I wish I could just get a great SOOC pic. One day....one day! Biggrin

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Sadie, all it is is erasing the area you want left alone. You either do it by painting on that area of the mask (color edit layer), or by having your original layer underneath your edited layer and then erasing the area (Ruthie) out of the top (duplicate) layer so the original shows through.

But I didn't mind how she looks in that pic--I thought the whole point of an action like that was to make the whole pic look vintage or retro, not just the background. Maybe that's just me Smile to me it would look odd if you did that neat PP on just the BG.

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Sadie, I'm not loving the PP on the first. Just a lot of contrast that's not needed. I'm trying to find a happy medium with contrast these days, so that's just the first thing I noticed. the second one is adorable! you could always run the eye bright action on that one ... Wink

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#1 is a cute picture, but I'm not digging the PP on it... I'd actually like to see that one as a B&W. The 2nd one works better for me.