Just wanted to say hi... (pic obese)

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Just wanted to say hi... (pic obese)

Things have been INSANE around here. Between Justin working at his regular job and also doing all the creative/marketing things for church and also me doing a photoshoot a week...and not to mention the kids and family, it's just been crazy.
I just wanted to share some shots from recent sessions. I'm in the process of getting my business licensing/writing a business plan so I can be legit. Smile I'm really excited.
Forgive me if you've seen these on Flickr already.


Thanks for looking!

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Oh my, that last one is just precious! They are all great! TFS!

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These are all great! Sometimes it is nice to be busy but it is nice to see you around!

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Love your work, esp the last one...so sweet Smile

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These are great Erica! I just love that first one. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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2nd is my fav but I like the last one a whole bunch. It looks like the monkey is peeking down at the baby too cute

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Beautiful shots! I love the flower in her hair in the second one, and the newborn close up is sooo sweet! Too busy is usually better than not busy enough, right? Smile

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Congrats on being so busy! I love the 3rd and 4th - they all look great!