Just wondering.....

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Just wondering.....

If I should still be here...

I joined pregnancy.org in 2002 on the TTC boards and have had been a member of most of the TTC boards, including IVF.

However, After many attempts and many miscarriages I have not become the mother I was desperate to be.

This photography board is the only board I post on now and I have been hanging on here firstly because I got the photography bug and love it but secondly, in the hopes that a miracle will happen and I'll get that baby.

I'm pretty sure as each day passes that this will not happen and have been thinking that perhaps I should let go of everything preg.org and try to move on.

I can say I have met some of the most amazing women on preg.org that have become very close friends with and I would not give up my time here for anything in the world.

I somehow feel like, even though I have always been welcomed on this board that people often wonder what I am still doing here.

Is it time for me to go?

Thanks for listening.


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Heck no!!!!

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I don't feel like you should move on! What's the difference if you have a child or not? You've been on a rough journey, so I don't see why sticking around here, and doing what makes you happy would be a problem Smile

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No, you belong here!

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I hope you will stay. I do have a child, but he's almost 10 now and it is quite unlikely that pregnancy will be a part of our lives again any time soon. Yet I'm still here too.

Like you, this is about the only board on which I post (I do lurk on the scrapbooking board).

I hope you'll stay.


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In agreement with everyone else. You belong here!!

This specific board has to do with photography, not pregnancy. Who cares if you frequent other boards (or don't). I am a mod of the July 08 board, but I don't go there any more (no one posts) so for quite some time I was only posting on this board. It's a great learning resource and knowledge base. Definately for anyone interested photography, child or no child.

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Please don't leave. I think you belong here. I hope to see more of your photos Smile

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Definitely a no to moving on (unless you need to). Pregnancy isn't a part if our lives now. I do post on biggest loser but this is, for the mist part, the only other board I frequent (though I post rarely)

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Please don't leave us. I was on here while preggo with Ruthie- that's where I started on her birth board. But, it's long gone now and I am on here more than anything. I lurk on Randy's BB and sometimes the SB'ing board. I just LOVE this board, and I love you ladies. I definately think it is just fine that you are here.

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Nothing to say that hasn't been said already, but I hope you will stay! I am glad to see you on ILP as well, but this is an intimate group where we can encourage one another to grow and learn regardless of our parental status...

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Thanks everyone.

It was the last in a decision making process I have been going through at the moment about where I want my life to go.
I deserve to be happy and I need to change a few things in my life. Photography is my outlet and has helped me out of a downward spiral and into a good place that will hopefully lead to a great place in the future.
You ladies have been so wonderful and accepting and I hope to be a member here as long as you want me.

Thank you again


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I have been lurking around lately, and just wanted to point out that pg.org isn't only about being pg. There are all kinds of boards related to other things, including support groups for those who have been wanting a baby, and wonderful hobby sites such as this one. I haven't been a member but for a few years, but one thing I've noticed from every board I've visited is that these women are all very supportive and encouraging. You build relationships with them here on pg.org if not IRL. It's a way to connect to those with common interests and goals. I've seen some of your pictures and I think they're awesome. What better place to share than here with those that "get" you and can help you grow? Many different things brought us to this place, but the important thing is that we are all here now.

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You should definitely stay! Smile

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i hope you decide to stay, i LOVE looking at your photos and learning from you...

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Awe.... thanks again.


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Stuffing the ballot box here with more "stay" votes! I was on a now-defunct birth board and don't usually post anywhere but here. At age 45, I doubt I'll be joining any new birth boards, either....

I love this board, especially because I like shots of children and infants. I think everyone here brings something special to it!

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I really think you should do what is best for yourself, I've struggled with the same question as you. I have a 10 year old and a 2 year old but most of the forums I used to frequent are dead. I found that the community in the two areas I do post are wonderful and they keep me coming back.

I appreciate your contributions to the photography section and would be more then happy to have you as a member here.

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Thank you again.

I'm staying Biggrin

One less thing for me to stress about now.

I love you girls, thank you for your kind words and welcome Biggrin