karate kids

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karate kids

Hey guys ....

Here are a couple of the pictures we took for the billboard this last weekend (the moms gave me permission to share). The images will be used by our local Down Syndrome Association and support group to advertise the Buddy Walk in October. The theme for the shoot was "we're more alike than different."

We kept things really simple, but these below are my favorites.

Any/all feedback is always much appreciated. Biggrin

All shots were taken w/ my 50mm at 400 ISO and a variety of shutter speeds. I had a huge picture window behind me and I used my speed light for fill. I would like to have had the kids at 45 degrees to the window, but they wanted the dojo's logo behind them, so I had to do with straight on light from the window.








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Gigi--I love the poses! Great job!
The thing that sticks out to me is that the whites look very blue. I think that if you can pull the blue out, you've got some winners!

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GiGi- these brought tears to my eyes b/c I know you were honored to do this. You did great! I do agree, a bit blue, but my eyes were drawn to the kids and the thought of this that I didn't notice until later...

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LOVE these.

I love the second one the very best!

What a fantastic job you've done!

You'll have to take a photo of the billboard when it goes up!

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I read your other thread and how awesome?!?! You better take a picture of the billboard and show that Wink

I like #2 the best. I think it shows the kids the best!

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looking at these on my work PC now and I can see a lot of blue that I could not see on my mac.

I'm sure they'll be perfect though.

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Gigi, you have such a talent for this! I think 2 and 3 are my favorites, although I do wish Loli was in 3! Wink

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I agree with others these are a bit blue on the 3 monitors I have used, in the first 3 it bothers me a bit that the sign is cropped. Love the kids poses and expressions, and you got good focus and comp, thanks for sharing.