Katetheskate pls help!! I beg you! ;)
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Thread: Katetheskate pls help!! I beg you! ;)

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    Question Katetheskate pls help!! I beg you! ;)

    I hate full sun. That is it.

    So for those of you who have done some amazing full sun work lately, (Meagan com out, come out!) (Kate, PLEASE post the settings for the most recent session you've been posting on please!!!), can ya'll please help with some pointers? What are ya'll metering for? Do you have fill light? OCF? Anything? Do you underexpose? How ar eyou positioning them? Like with Kate's recent COTW one, where is the sun in relation to the woman? I am drawing a blank here.

    I've been doing some research on Kirk Volcain due to some other recent posts I've done and I tried to work on it the other day at the park, but I am still getting crazy shadows everywhere and loosing the highlights in their hair. I am in desperate need of help here!

    Anything ya'll can help with would be greatly appreciated!

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    This is something I need desparate help with too! I end up with horrible wonky colors when I try to underexpose so they sky isnt totally blown. Hope you get some good pointers, cause Ill be stalking this one!

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    I thought I read somewhere, I think I read it at ILP to meter off the skin, but I am not sure if that's in full sun or not.

    I always thought, to meter at the brightest area, like the sky, etc. so that those will not get blown. Hmmm.... must ponder.
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    OK, I am NOT an expert on this at all, but I'll offer what little advice I can.

    It all depends on the direction of the light. If the light source is directly hitting your subject, ie the sun is high in the sky, or just over your shoulder, then I usually meter off the sky. That keeps from blowing the skin, and tends to be a good "middle ground" for exposing in harsh light. That is how I did this one:


    Now I think in the first shot I was still blowing the fence, so I had to decrease exposure by 1/3, but then it was OK.

    If the sun is behind the subject, ie backlighting, I meter off the skin. You will blow highlights in the hair, but that is unavoidable with backlighting. If I'm using a low ISO (200 or lower) I'll underexpose, b/c upping in ACR won't add any additional grain. Does that make sense? Example:


    Hope that helps! I'm not Katie so I know she can add more.
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