This kid KILLS me!

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This kid KILLS me!

Sometimes I have a really hard time containing myself when Jackson does something cute, and Carson s around. I don't want him to feel jealous or left out or anything, but man, Jackson just has this look to him that just makes me giggle!

While I'm sharing these, please help me with my conversions. I think it's lacking something. I took these specifically with b&w in mind, so I want to get it "right". Smile

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You know, I have a bit of a problem with my kids in this way too. Micah is a tremendously cute kid, and even when he's pouting or miserable, he's adorable. He's also much more photogenic than Nora. She's adorable too, but she is much harder to get a good picture of, for some reason... in spite of being more cooperative. So I love them both like crazy, but sometimes feel my attention going more to Micah, esp. when the camera is out! And I have to fight it a bit! Weird.

Anyway, these are super cute! Love the second one. The first one is a little dark? And the second one, it looks like one of the eyes is slightly softer than the other. But very cute! Awesome expressions!

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I can't help with the conversions as I'm not a big b&w person and, as such, haven't learnt a thing about conversions. These are cute though, you have definitely captured some of that personality.

I have a similar issue with my children, at least when it comes to photos. The eldest is really pale and hard to get a good photo of. They come out with grey skin, or yellow skin or weird expressions. My youngest on the other hand is much easier to get a nice photo. I find myself wanting to practise more with the eldest though to try and work out what I am doing wrong and to fix it.

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Oh boy, I soooo understand what you mean. Randy is the same way. Ornery as ever and cute doing so. It's tough!

LOVING #2. I too think #1 is a bit dark, but it could also just be b/c of his dark shirt!

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Phew! I'm so glad I'm not the only one in that position! Jackson is just in that adorable 2 stage, and I just laugh at him all the time. ...Even when he's being naughty Wink

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Cute pics! Smile

I know how you feel! I am in the middle of a 365 project of my DS2, and while I still take PLENTY of pictures of DS1, sometimes I think he gets a little jealous of the extra attention DS2 gets when I have the camera out. I just did a 365 of DS1 last year, but I doubt he really remembers it all that well since he was 18 months when I started it and 2.5 years when I finished it. Right now, DS2 is 15 months and still very much has that "baby" look to him, so I do think he probably gets a little more camera attention right now.

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Adorable pics, I have a 13 year old that runs from a camera and a 3 year old ham, so I have lots and lots and lots of pictures of Natalie and very few of Dana. I'm just glad she's old enough not to get jealous.

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Love the shots # 2 is my fave but I agree that the conversion could be a little stronger. Sorry I am no help in that department!

Same thing goes on here with Jasmin. For 1 she is my only girl but even more she has modeled since age 2. She was always my go to gal when I wanted to practice on pics till I realized that to get real prectice I need to do more with my boys! I dont have to direct Jasmin or tell her what to do and if I want to do this in the future I need to practice on my boys who could care less about pics.
I still do grad her though when trying something new lol.