Kid shots: questions

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Kid shots: questions

Hi ladies,

I've been trying to get a few better shots of my kids lately, but I feel like I'm not getting the exposure and/or skin colour quite right. Can you help me by looking at some recent shots and commenting on those aspects? Comments on composition, etc. are also most welcome.

#1 - A few small blown spots, though I'm not sure if they're deal breakers or not. I metered off his face, which is not blown (just his jeans pockets and the upper left corner are blown).


#3 - I THINK this one is more "right" than some of the others, but maybe it's too bright?

#4 (I wanted to get them on either side of the no parking sign, but they wouldn't cooperate!)

#5 - I'm pretty sure the skin tone is off in this one, and it may be too dark?

#6 - Skin tone's way off here. But every time I play with it, it looks wrong still. Can't figure it. Too magenta, I think, but I just can't get it right.

Dummy moment, accidentally deleted the original that had already been commented on. Here is a brighter edit though:

And one last one, just because it cracks me up:

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Tracy, please take my comments with a grain of salt because I'm not calibrated and I have no idea how to edit a photo myself, but I think these look really good overall!!!

I ADORE looks a little dark, but the pose and his expression are adorable!

I don't think these look too bright at all - #1, 3 and 6 seem the best because there appears to be more light on their faces. And I think 8 looks pretty good.

2, 4, 5 and 7 look like maybe the kids needed to be turned towards the light source a little more, but I know that they were on the equipment so you were dealing with that! Smile

I am interested to read the other feedback - I struggle with shots like this because I feel like if the face is bright enough, the background is blown. I need some major metering (and pp) lessons, I think!

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I am not calibrated either, and I am at work, but usually with this screen I tend to see what others see.

1. My eyes went STRAIGHT to him. I don't mind the blown spots at all. They are minor.
2. My only cc here is she is straight in the center.
3. His face is brighter here than her's in #2, but I tend to like brighter pics, so I can't help too much here.
4. You can crop this one here to get rid of the sign.
5. The lighting here is what's throwing it off. It's very flat. It is dark and the color is off. Maybe too orangish?
6. Ya, a bit pinkish, but I am thinking it's all b/c of that jacket.....
7. looks a bit dark.
8. I feel like her face is a bit red.. LOVING that expression though!

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I agree with Sadie on cc!

I really love the last one. I'd probably convert it to B&W, but that's just me Smile

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Awesome, thanks for the great feedback, that really helps. I think I am just trying to develop my eye - sometimes things look too bright to me, sometimes too dark... sometimes the colour seems off one time and not the next... So getting objective feedback helps me know how others are seeing it so I can work on training my eye!

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I'm glad that you're getting "brave" and working on your kids more Smile Kids are so hard! Know what I love about these? It shows them being themselves. You have so much of their personalities in these photos.

#1 - I agree that my eye goes straight to him, so the blown spots aren't bothering me either. One thing that I think would have made this a little stronger, would be if you were shooting straight on instead of ever so slightly to the side. I'm just missing that feeling of centered-ness with this one.

#2 - I think that her jacket is throwing a bit of a cast on to her face. Love the eye contact and smile on her! I think the angle is off though. I think if you would have shot down at her instead of up, you would have got more light in her eyes.

#3 - Love this one! I agree with you, on that it looks more "right". Exposure/brightness looks good to me Smile

#4 - Again, I would like this one dead centered. When there's lines like that, I'm drawn to them if they're not exactly straight. Since there was a slight angle, the bottom line isn't going exactly straight across the frame.

#5 & 6 - Were there more clouds around when taking the one of Micah? I actually think that the one of Nora looks better (I won't comment too much on color). It looks like it was exposed better, or there was a bit more light.

#7 - I did see the original edit on this one, and I think you did a good job at fixing the exposure here.

#8 - She looks like she's so fun!