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Even though I've been dabbling in boudoir, I have also had some family/kid sessions too

here is a few


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Wow! I LOVE #3! #1 looks a little washed out to me, but I'm not sure if that's what you were going for in your processing or not. #5 looks like the background needs a little bit more work by where here dress is sticking up. I think I'd like it without the dress peeking into the frame. Wonder what it would look like without it in there. I love the look on her face there Smile Like your conversion in the last one, though her face looks a smidge bright. Boy, she sure has some pretty eyes!

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Yes, wow, beautiful eyes! LOVE #2! It's a very typically fun and sweet girl moment, I think!

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The last one is by far my fav! You got some cute expressions. Most of these look sooc... the background is messy or splotchy to me in several of them. I think you can push the color a bit more!

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My favourite is also the last one but I would check her skin as it looks very bright. I agree the 1st looks washed out, 4 looks a little underexposed. In number 5 the reds are blown throughout the image (mostly arms and face), the white on the hat is also completely blown.

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LOVE the last one. I love her look and I tend to like bright so it doesn't bother me with her face being so bright!