Kids Session for CC

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Kids Session for CC

Hey all!

Sorry I've been MIA recently, I've just been caught up in daily life with a 16 month old! :rolleyes: It seems like a lot of people are busy, being summer and all.

Anyhow, I had my first kids session this past weekend. Let me tell you, 95 degree weather + 3pm + a cranky 2 year old made for quite the challenge! I chose the location based on evening times (our original time), so when we opted for afternoon due to it being the holiday weekend, it was a SCORCHER! Plus, there was no real shade so I had a HUGE issue with the kids squinting.

We pressed onward, though! The 2 year old wanted nothing to do with photos and refused to let mom put her down the entire time! So most of them are of her older (6 years old) brother. I did get some of her with mom holding her, but the squinting and shadows were awful.

Well, here are a few from the afternoon. All taken with my 50mm. CC very welcomed.

1. f/4.5 - SS 1/800 - ISO 100

2. f/5.6 - SS 1/1000 - ISO 100

3. f/5.6 - SS 1/500 - ISO 100

4. f/5.6 - SS 1/500 - ISO 100

5. f/5.6 - SS 1/500 - ISO 100

6. She was crying in this pic because mom wouldn't hold her. Wink f/4.0 - SS 1/500 - ISO 100

7. Again, this about sums up her feelings on the whole shoot. Lol. f/4.0 - SS 1/1250 - ISO 100


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2 Year olds are a hard age!!! They can get away (and quick!) and have their own minds made up about a situation with no changing them Smile

Also, your lighting situation is a tough one even for experienced photographers!!

1. Cute photo. The vingnette is kind of heavy for my tastes and his eyes are very squinted. If you had put his feet at the sun and his face away from the sun, it probably would have come out better (less squinting!) then expose for the face and then you can fix what's blown in processing.
2. Cute shot! The right side of the photo is completely blown and the top of his head seems to get lost in the sky. That one is just a tricky situation.
3. I'd probably try to brighten him up a bit. His face is kind of in shadows.
4. Very nice family shot. I would probably suggest cloning out (if you're able to) the phone polls.
5. Love the face! Again, I'd probably try brightening hum the boy's face a bit.
6. Poor thing!!
7. Love this one, though! I think the conversion isn't quite right. I was about to say it needs more light, but I don't think that's it...I can't quite put my finger on it.

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Okay, so my daughter acts just like this 2 yr old did!! Good for you for practicing though!

I can't add any cc that Jennifer didn't already put out there technically speaking, but will agree that the vignette is a little heavy in #1 and #3 and #5 are my favorites.

I like the very last one but the sun was just too harsh there, I guess. Mom's shirt almost looks blown. Would a little contrast help any?

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Oh my- 2 years old plus full sun- harsh situation! I am worried b/c i just got asked to do a photoshoot for a 2 year old boy. It's not easy.

1. I agree about the heavy vignette...might be a bit too much.
2. This one would have been even better, if you would have moved a few ft to the right of the camera, so the sky wouldn't have been right there. It's blown and his head does fall right into that. Might try to do two edits and merge them together to keep the sky from being blown.
3. This one is probably my fav. His face does need a bit brightening.
4. Just wish those darn poles weren't there.....try cloning those out- this is my fav! Love how the little girl is looking at you!
5. The background needs to be darker and the family needs to be brighter. Try the dodge and burn tool.
6. just wish the building wasnt there. I do like pics of kids running away! I really do!
7. Cute. Just wish she was smiling. I totally understand though. I went through the same thing two photoshoots ago. The only thing that made him happy was a tractor.

I think you did a good job. Keep it up!

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Thank you so much for the feedback, ladies!

How do these edits so far look?

1. I think his head is still a bit lost, but maybe not as much?


3. Tried for some softer color instead!

Also, Sadie, I suck at the dodge/burn tool. I don't know how to use it unless it's a black background!