Killing time on a snow day
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Thread: Killing time on a snow day

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    Default Killing time on a snow day

    Second snow day in a row and we were running out of activities. So we decided to do some ballerina pictures.

    yup - that's Benny. Doesn't he make a good girl?

    Some snow pics:
    Tuesday night, midnight:

    Wednesday, 5PM:

    Wednesday, 7:30PM:

    Wednesday, midnight:

    Thursday, 11AM:

    And, no, the tree did not survive. Two big branches are broken.

    Who said you can only do this picture in the sand?

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    Love the ballerina ones! And benny is too funny! I saw some of the snow ones on fb. I cant believe how much snow you got! Love the kids on top of the snow pile! It really gives it a perspective of how much snow there really is on the ground!

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