Knees Stopped Knocking After the First Click

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Knees Stopped Knocking After the First Click

But now they're knocking in hopes the couple loves their photos!!

I wish I had gotten more keepers. I DID get their promised 20 (and then some). But, I'm just not 100% thrilled with them all.

The couple was amazing, both are very outgoing. I was afraid the guy was going to be the type to rush things along and not want to participate, but he was QUITE the opposite! I'm a very hands on type of person with posing (and I let them know up front). It totally didn't matter because he was such a willing subject!! Now I just need to work on my execution of poses. While I see something I LOVE online, when I try to get my subjects to mimic that pose or do their own form of a pose, it just doesn't come out looking right. Maybe it has more to do with the people than my abilities?

Sorry for the are two images I liked. Not FINAL edits, but pretty close to it. Anything you see that I need to work on?

1/200 3.5 100
20120107 - 7

1/320 2.8 200
20120107 - 14

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The first one is really cute. Composition is nice and I like the pose. For is definitely far too magenta and a little bright for my taste.

The 2nd image has composition problems. I know that the focus should be the ring, but it's hard for me to find it. First off....the image is so bright that it's plain difficult to see the ring. Secondly, the ring would be easier to see if it were placed directly in the cross-hairs of a third....and if it were aimed toward the camera. Right now the ring is not the focus of the composition which makes it feel really strange when it is the only thing in focus. The color of this image is more balanced than the first, though it's really washed out and still much too bright in general.

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Thanks so much, Amber!! I see the color problems you're talking about in #1. Will go back and re-edit. I seem to struggle with brightness. Maybe my monitor isn't set bright enough. I'm calibrated, and my prints are pretty close, but I need to do a better comparison to be sure.

With #2, I suppose I like the laugh and naturalness of the two of them. Yes, the focus is the ring, but I love their interaction. Definitely not my strongest image, but when I have to admit that the rest look posey posed, this one shows their natural emotions much better than the rest. I'll bring down the brightness and work on the crop. I think I can get the ring in a third cross hair. How would you suggest getting rid of the washed out look? I bumped my curves, but maybe I didn't do it enough.

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Well done Jennifer! I told you the nerves would melt away the second you started clicking, lol! I also really like the first image and agree with Ambers cc. Personally I would warm it a touch but I like my images that way. The second shot is great in terms of catching the moment and emotion. I do think it is far too bright, I also struggled to find the ring as her hand is so bright. Reducing the brightness might help the washed out look.

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So glad that it went well for you! And that you had such a willing couple Smile

I think that #1 could be warmed up. I also find the little logo on his shirt a bit distracting. Is that something that you've thought about cloning out?

#2 is too bright. I had to search for her ring in this one. I think this one needs warmed up as well. I love the moment that you caught here! There's a very nice connection between them.

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Awe. Great job. I really love # 1. It would be magical warmed up.

I agree that # 2 is too bright but I do love the connection between them.


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I agree with the CCs given. I think you did great otherwise.

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I agree with other cc. I love #2, just bring the brightness down a tad! Love the natural smiles!

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Love everything about #1. I love the natural emotions captured in #2. It has such a comfortable feel to it.

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You definitely did a great job of showing the love between those two, great job. I have to agree with Amber on the CC.

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Thanks so much for the feedback, everyone. I've been so busy at work I haven't had time to even come over here or work on their photos. I finally got some time last night and finished up. I think I addressed the problems/CC given here. Any how, I think I processed them more than I normally would like to, but for my first stranger/paid shoot I'm OK. I just need to work on thinking more in the moment then rushing through the shoot. I know it all comes in time.

After final edits these were a few of my new favorites.