Landscape -- CC please

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Landscape -- CC please

I really love trying landscape/nature shots, but I am just not very good at them. I took one yesterday that seems to be one of my better recent attempts, but I would like some CC so I can get better at this aspect of photography.

The reason I think it's a better attempt is that the sky looks a little better than usual. I often get really BAD blue "fringing" around the trees and stuff, but I was working on getting my white balance right and getting the exposure right, and I think it helped. But in those areas, if you have some CC that would be helpful, I'd appreciate it. Also in terms of composition, I'd appreciate input.

Settings are Manual, SS 1/30, Av 5.0, ISO 80.

(I think in retrospect I should've had my aperture set higher?)

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I like the composition. The whole photo looks too blue though, maybe it's just me. I know it's wintry right now though so that could be it. Maybe pop out the purplish-reds of the vegetation on the left, and the green of the pine/spruce tree on the right? The upper right corner of the photo is a bit bright.

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your SS is too low for a shot like this. your ISO is low, and that can be bumped up to get a faster shutter speed. and yes, for landscape, I usually go with a smaller aperture (higher number). I usually aim for at least 7.1 but if it's bright enough, I'll go with 11.

as Amy pointed out, the whole photo is cool looking. I mean, I know it's winter, but the coolness of the WB is making it too blue. I'd warm it up some.

the exposure seems okay, other than the upper right ... I'm guessing the sun was in that direction (also based on the shadows). Wink

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OK, thank you very much for some helpful feedback. I will make some more stabs at landscape with a higher SS and ISO, and a smaller aperture. The aperture only goes up to f8 on my camera, but I will do that.

As far as the blue -- I used a polarizing filter (about the only "special equipment" I own) which makes the sky even more blue, of course, though it was a very blue sky already. Is a polarizing filter a bad idea? Is that what made it overly blue, or just that I didn't set the white balance properly?

Here is a bit of an edit of the image to try to bring out the purplish-reds and greens.

(I actually tried deleting this thread shortly after posting because I was embarrassed about the picture... but I'm glad I wasn't able to! This is the help I need to get better. Thank you.)