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Large Nature Share

I've been in a slump. Haven't felt the great need to pick up my camera much. I took a trip to some local gardens today to get motivation. I left thinking I didn't get anything I'd like, but when I popped in my SD card in the computer I actually found 8.

Here are a few of my favs. Slightly processed in Photoshop

I actually like the haze in these first 2 pictures, but it was completely unintentional....

1/40 f/5.6 100
2010-04-16 02W

I like this one, though I understand if others don't....

1/40 f/3.2 100
2010-04-16 07W

1/60 f/2.8 100
2010-04-16 08W

This is using a vintage action. It's my first time using actions!

1/125 f/3.2 100
Vintage Flower

This is one that I took Easter weekend. If I had actually looked at it, I could have probably entered it into the COTW...oh well. (I really like the rounded corner action!)

1/1600 f/4 200

Now, when will my 1.5 year old get better at sitting still for the camera so I can get back to child photography?!?!

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I do love #1 also!! but my favorite is your vintagey rhododendron, that is gorgeous!! And yes that last pic would have been perfect for the COTW! Smile

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My FAV is the one with the vintage action! I think you used it PERFECTLY! Well done! Hopefully this helped you get out of your slump! I agree with the last one, it would have been perfect too!

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I actually really like #2, along with the others as well Smile