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I been very busy lately and havent had time to share. Here's a mixture from my recent sessions. CC is always welcome.

These are my best friends, I took an entire day out of my schedule and we toured the city for their engagement session.




Newborns aren't my strong point, maybe because everyone i've had a session with was going through a crazy growth spurt and just ate the whole time.....

From a photog meet up on another board.

This little guy was all smiles!

And one of DS who turned 3 on Monday.....WOW time flies!!

And an egagement session, the bride also wanted to include her daughter in a few. I will be photographing their backyard wedding later this month.


Also some news I bought a 7d last week, so i'm no longer a pentaxian......all these were shot with the old gear though.

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Andie!!! these are great!! I'm loving the shots of your friends, especially the second one. I don't have time to do real CC, but I just had to reply. and your little guy is adorable! look at his hair! I wish my kids had curls in their hair.

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Beautiful work!! I love the processing in #1, so cool. Congrats on the 7D!!

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thanks so much! i had so much fun with them, I wish my clients were all like them.